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Tips for Chartering a Yacht With A Yacht Charter Group

Choice of charter yachts

Choosing a Charter Yacht for Your Unforgettable Holiday

You need to decide whether you want to sail on a sailboat, motorboat, catamaran or gulet, which depends upon your preferences only. Then, you need to choose among a bareboat, a skippered or a crewed yacht. With bareboat yacht charter, you rent a boat and sail it yourself, but only if you have a skipper license valid in the country of a yacht charter. If you do not, opt for a skippered yacht charter - you will be provided with a skipper who will help you sail and decide on the route. You can also choose a crewed yacht charter, with a captain, chef, stewards and deckhands. You also need to decide on the number of cabins or berths, the brand and model of the yacht, its age and sailing capabilities.

A Yacht Charter Group - sailing with comfort

Things to Take on a Sailing Holiday

The things to take on your sailing trip include food and drink, clothes, medications and documents. Depending on number of people on board and the time spent sailing, your grocery shopping will be planned, including food and drinks for all the crew. Charter boats are equipped with kitchen and you will not always be able to go to restaurants. Do not overdo it with the clothing - shorts, bathing suits, light T-shirts and dresses, water-proof windbreaker and non-slip shoes will do just fine. Also, take the sunglasses and sunscreen, prescription drugs, seasickness medications, insect repellents, passport/ID card and sailing certificates, if needed. It is best to take a combination of cash and credit cards.


Additional information on how to charter

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